In the heavily condensed market of chains, there are multiple options for go-kart chains. Among them, 2 of the most popular go-kart chains are the 40 and 428-sized chains.

So, what is the better option between 428 chain vs 40 chain?

Although the 40 and 428 chain has the same pitch, the 428 chain has a higher tensile strength. Yet, the 428 chain is more pricey when compared to the 40 chain. Also, the roller width for both chains is the same. However, the 40 chain has a reduced roller and pin diameter, which makes it  lighter than the 428 chain. 

You’ll need a lot more information to make the right decision. Read till the end!

428 Chain Vs 40 Chain: a Brief Discussion

When it comes to go-karting, the 35, 40, 41, 50, 420, and 428 chain sizes are the most used. The 2 chains I’ll be comparing today, the 40 and 428 chains are from this category.

The 428 chain has a lot more tensile strength than the 40-sized chain. As a result, it can take on more load. The 40-sized chain also has reduced roller and pin diameter, making it sleeker. Go-kart chains are usually 3 feet long, but it depends on the engine.

Before heading into the main discussion, you should know the differentiating factors between these 2 chains. All the key differences between a 428 chain vs a 40 chain are given in the chart below. Check it out!

Differentiating Factors40 Chain428 Chain
Tensile Strength3700 lbs4200 lbs
Roller Diameter0.312”0.335”
Pin Diameter0.156”0.177”
Roller Width5/16”5/16”
PriceCheck Latest PriceCheck Latest Price

By now, you must have a sight of the bigger picture here. You’re ready for more technical details now, read on!

428 Chain Vs 40 Chain: an Elaborated Comparison

In the next segment, I have elaborated on all the differentiating factors for these 2 chains. Have a read to make the right choice!

Tensile Strength:

The tensile strength of any go-kart chain especially dictates the amount of load it can take. If the load exceeds the tensile strength, the chain may split or break.

The tensile strength of a 40-sized chain is 3700 lbs. This means that the 40-sized chain can withstand a total of 3700 lbs without breaking.

On the other hand, the tensile strength of 428-sized chains is 4200 lbs. It has a much higher tensile strength compared to the 40-sized chain. 

Note that, the tensile strength also depends on the quality, thickness, and material of the chain. Higher tensile strength does have a lot of advantages. For instance, pairing up a high-tensile strength chain with tires that are doped results in incredible speed.

Verdict: When it comes to tensile strength, the 428-sized chain has more tensile strength than the 40-sized chain.


A roller chain consists of countless links. The pitch of a chain indicates the amount of gap between the links.

The 428 chain has a pitch of 4/8” which equates to 0.5 inches of pitch. Similarly the 40 chain also has a pitch of 0.5”. 

Since both chains have the same pitch, they can be fitted in the same size as the sprocket. For instance, a 40-chain and a 428-chain can work with a 40-sized sprocket.  

Verdict: In terms of pitch, the 428 and the 40-sized chain has the same pitch.

40 chain and 428 chain

Roller Diameter:

The roller diameter generally means the diameter of each roller in a chain.

In terms of roller diameter, the 40-sized chain has a 0.312” roller diameter. On the other hand, the 428-sized chain has a roller diameter of 0.335”.

A thicker roller diameter has better load capabilities, and this is one of the reasons the 428 chain has greater tensile strength.

Verdict: The 428-chain has a greater roller diameter when compared to the 40-chain. 

Pin Diameter:

The measurement of the diameter of the pins of a chain is known as the pin diameter.

The 428-chain’s pin diameter is 0.177”. On the contrary, the 40-chain has a smaller pin diameter, which is equal to 0.156”. The pin diameter is usually proportional to the roller diameter.

Verdict: The 40-chain has a smaller pin diameter when compared to the pin diameter of the 428-chain.

Roller Width:

The width of the rollers is important because the wider the rollers are, the more load they take! It’s the distance between the 2 inner plates in a roller chain.

For the 40-chain, the roller width is 5/16” or 0.313”. Quite similarly, the 428-chain also consists of a roller width clocked at 5/16”. This is yet another identical feature of these 2 roller chains.

Verdict: When calculating the roller width, the 428-sized chain and 40-sized chain have the same roller width.


The weight of a chain is critical because the purpose of the chain highly relies on it. 

Generally, the 428 chains are heavier than the 40-sized chain. It also depends on the materials used, the quality of the chain, etc. 

However, if you’re focussing to race with the go-kart, you need to focus on speed rather than power. In that case, the 40-chain can provide you with the maximum speed. 

Additionally, you can by softening the tires of your go-kart with tire softeners made at home.

Verdict: When comparing the weight of the chains, the 428-chain is heavier than the 40-chain.


Costing of any chain will ultimately determine if you want to buy it or not. The roller chain has to be within your budget for you to buy it.

The price of the 40-chain is 11.85 dollars. This is the price of the 3 feet length of this chain. By increasing the length, the price will also vary according to that.

On the other hand, the cost of a 3 feet 428-chain is 24.27 dollars. Although it does provide a lot of pros, the price is almost double in comparison with the 40-chain. Similar to the 40-chain, the prices will increase by taking more than 3 feet for this chain.

Verdict: In terms of pricing, the 40-chain is significantly cheaper than the 428-chain.

Costing of any chain

428 Chain Vs 40 Chain: Final Verdict

Now it’s time to make a decision based on the information above. Still, feeling confused? Here’s a summed-up comparison for you.

When Should You Use 428 Chain?

You should you the 425 chain when your main goal is to increase the load of your go-kart. The higher tensile strength, roller and pin diameter, etc will help a lot to sustain greater loads.

However, this does come at a cost. 428 is almost double the price when compared to the 40-chain. Moreover, the weight of the 428 is also higher, so it’s best not to use this chain for racing purposes! The heavy chain might weigh the go-kart down.

When Should You Use 40 Chain?

Use the 40-chain when your priority is a lightweight chain; especially if you want to race. On the side, you can save a lot of money too as the 40-chain is cheaper than the 428-chain.

Still, it’s not better in every aspect. The tensile strength, roller and pin diameter, etc of the 40-chain is less than the 428-chain. So in terms of taking the load, 40-chain is not the best.

Additional Tips to Maintain the 40 and 428 Chain For Long-Term Use

Here are some tips you apply that will make your roller chain more long-lasting and improve performance:

  • Regularly lube the chain. The chainrings and cassette sprockets will engage properly when the chain is lubed.

    On top of that, the shifting performance will greatly enhance due to it. You can use a regular chain lube for this.
  • Always try to have sufficient oil in the go-kart. This allows the go-cart engine to avoid stutters and run smoothly. That’s how changing the go-kart oil puts less strain on the chain.
  • Keep the chain clean. A simple chain cleaner will help your chain last a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is the 40 and 41 chain the same?

No, the 40 and 41 chains are not the same. The roller width, diameter, thickness of the chain, plate height, etc are different. Additionally, the 41 chain has a higher tensile strength than the 40 chain.

What is the 40-sized chain used for?

The 40-sized chain is used in many types of equipment such as industrial, agricultural, and domestic uses. Even many vehicles like motorcycles, bicycles, and cars use the 40-sized chain. 

Does a bigger sprocket mean more torque?

Yes, a bigger sprocket outputs more torque than a smaller sprocket. Also, the input sprocket determines the output socket’s torque. The size of the input and output sprocket is proportional to the generated torque and speed.

Wrapping up

That’s every bit of information regarding the comparison of 428 chain vs 40 chain. Hopefully, the head-to-head comparison made your decision-making process easier.

Always try to buy good quality chains. Knock-off or cheap chains may separate quicker and increase the hassle for you!

Have a great day.

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