Over time, go-kart racing has become full-fledged motorsport. Modern karts can cost more than other cars. The karts are tiny, so the coating must be very even. But incredibly nimble – this allows you to build tracks in a small area.

If you have an active travel plan in the US it can be helpful to find go-kart racing routes. Although I’ve not seen all of them, I’ve received good input from other go karts users around the country.

Of course, there can be debates about the list and the items to include. Our team looked at everything there – over 4000 tracks, including an indoor track and outdoor levels. We’ve compiled the best go-kart tracks in the USA.

best go kart tracks

FastTime, Indiana

FastTimes Indoor Go-Karting is a family-owned and operated indoor go-kart track in Indianapolis, Indiana. It offers a variety of go-karting experiences, from beginner to advanced. The track has a racing-style layout with long straightaways, tight corners, and challenging curves.

FastTime is Indianapolis’ fastest go-kart track with an outdoor track that reaches 900 ft. If you are one of those thrill seekers, you’ll get plenty of top speeds. Roger Wethington wanted to provide grip tracks for racing fans of all ages. This is where you will be booking VIP teams, bachelor parties, and much more.

Oakland valley race park

Oakland Valley Race Park (OVRP) is a motocross facility located in Cuddebackville, New York. It is a popular destination for motocross racers, hosting a variety of events throughout the year.

The track is open to all riders, regardless of ability or experience.

Oakland Valley Race Park is a part of the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) racing program and hosts AMA-sanctioned races regularly. Moreover, the facility offers a variety of other services, such as camping and RV sites, a snack bar, and a full-service pro shop.

Myrtle Beach Track

The trail is perfect for your Myrtle Beach holiday. Family Fun Parks provide a great escape from scuba diving outside the beach. The Go Kart racing takes place outdoors in pretty difficult terrain.

There are plenty of fun activities at the track & Myrtle beach too. There are arcades, carnival rides, bumpers, cars, blasters, boats, and carousels. It is one of the go-kart tracks that provide snacks in the park, too. The shop offers Ice-T, a water fountain, bottles of water, and vending machines, where you can get yourself a tasty snack bar.

Open every day! Sunday – Thursdays: 12:00 – 8:00. Friday: 12:00 – 8:00. Monday – 12:00 – 9:00. Saturdays: 11 – 9:00 p.m.

Orlando Kart Center, Florida

Orlando Kart Center offers 2 outdoor tracks, with a longer track extending approximately 8/10 miles. This course will provide a lot of fun, including turns and obstacles, for testing your skills! These karts are capable of achieving speeds of over 50mph.

They do not require a driver’s license to compete; this group provides everything needed.

The maximum height is 60 cm, but race lengths are not limited. Orlando Karting Center, Florida.

Autobahn Indoor Speedway

Autobahn indoor speedway is a kart track in European style that can reach speeds as high as 50 kph (20 for junior racers). You can find all the necessary safety equipment added to the karts on the site, but see this guide on what to carry on go-karting to make sure it is possible.

A STEM academy called the Autobahn Indoor Speedway offers a curriculum-based educational program aimed at students ages 3-12 that teaches students how different topics intersect in the sport of racing.

Grand Prix New York Racing

Grand Prix New York Racing in NYC has a multilevel indoor track unlike all the others on the list to date. Their cars use gas-powered motorbikes to drive at the high speeds of competition. Arrive and Drive offers start at only $7. There are also private parties and league options provided by Grand Prix that will suit anyone seeking a more competitive sport in a full sense.

333 N Bedford Rd, Mt Kisco

K1 Speed – Go Karts Myrtle Beach

This is a very fast go-kart racing track that has been tested on a challenging racing surface. What makes it one of the best go-kart tracks in the US is its high-power high-speed drive system. This will accelerate your seat. The K1 Speed Go Kart has a 20-horsepower electric motor that can reach an incredible 45mph.

Hours of Operation MON to Thu: 12:00 PM — 10:00 PM. FRI: 12 PM – 12:00 PM. SSAT: 10:00AM – 12:00 AM. SAT: 10 AM – 12:00AM. Price Speedpass – 55.96 RACES, TI-M

Andretti Indoor Karting & Games, Orlando

Andretti Indoor Karting boasts the longest indoor tracks around the globe. Expect some banked turns and elevation changes for an unforgettable ride! During your visit be sure to see the arcade area, laser tag, and epic rope courses. Andretti can be hired for birthdays, corporate events & other attractions.

Kart Kountry, Kentucky

Kart Kountry is a national track that covers a huge area! KK provides four outdoor go-kart tracks in five dimensions. Thunder Road is about 1.5 miles long and thousands of people are coming here for karting training.

Next up is the Thunderbolts race track that drivers will want to tear up.

This kid-friendly venue lets kids from 5 to 14 years old enjoy go-kart racing on junior karts. If you are tired of kart racing you have a variety of activities like bumper boats and mini golf available.

Fun Warehouse – Indoor Electric Go-Karts at Myrtle Beach

The fun carts from Fun Warehouse provide the perfect escape to the beach. Give the kids fun on the karts in Fun Warehouse.

Sprint Speedway, Olean, NY

Sprint Speedway, located in Olean, New York, has bumper cars, which are one of the fastest karts on their indoor track, as well as batting cages and putt-putt. This bustling track is more targeted toward family outings, but it still provides a pleasant adventure for some family racing and events.

Octane Raceway, Scottsdale

Race enthusiasts will not want to miss this 13.5 km indoor track and outdoor track. Get ready to experience a thrill in your life as you aim at 45 mph. Game fans can easily visit Velocity VR and enjoy the experience provided by zero latency. Adrenalin seekers will certainly enjoy the trip. Octane Raceway, Phoenix, Arizona.

Xtreme Go-Karts, Branson

At Xtreme, there is a large fleet of high-speed European karts. XTREME has an awesome 3500-ft-wide racing track, which is North America’s longest high-speed track. It is equipped with advanced lap timing technology. The youngsters are never left out because of the junior track. For riding this road you must have a height of at least 50 inches.

Race Track

The karting track extends over 1.25 miles. It has recently been restored, broadened, and covered with asphalt for smooth racing for go-karts. It measures 26ft long, with a unique feature called a box turn and an elevated canopy which makes it challenging and exclusive.

This new paint is meant to provide safety enhancements on race tracks.

A safety barrier around the car is TEC-Pro designed for safety in go-karts. It offers 12 long straights and 12 hairpins and offers a great challenge for guests with different experience levels.

RPM raceway

RPM Raceway has several tracks in New York State, but we’ll focus on their Long Island one. Every Monday, this facility combines two 1/4 mile tracks with a handful of complete hairpin bends into a full 1/2 mile track. They also use European-style karts, ensuring a fast ride.


Is a go-kart track a good investment?

Although go-karts can be costly to set up, their profits are likely to grow. LLC go-karting companies can make up to $500k-700k each year.

What state has the biggest go-kart track?

World’s biggest go-kart race track – Thrillist Coming to New Jersey.

What go-kart goes 50 mph?

Speed electric go-karts use bigger motors and are therefore heavier than gas-based versions. These go-karts reach speeds from 50 to 80 mph.

Final thoughts

We hope you found the information about the best go-kart tracks in this article to help you to choose the best option for family fun and the most suitable rental karts.

If you are into competitive racing, miniature golf, or organization of corporate events, be sure to check with your friends the best tracks in the world with fun attractions, drive packages, and best go-karts with top speeds!

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