The top 5 Shifter Kart Engines Are-

  1. Predator 6.5 HP 212cc OHV Horizontal Shaft Gas Engine – NOT Certified for California; Fuel Shut Off and Recoil Start
  2. maXpeedingrods Go Kart Forward Reverse Gearbox Kit for 2HP-13HP Engine 4 Stroke Only Works with 30 Series Torque Converter 3 Shift Modes #35 Chain Go Karts Accessories Go Kart Transmission
  3. X-PRO Short Case 150cc 4-Stroke GY6 Engine w/CVT Transmission Electric Starter Air Cooled for 150cc Full Size ATVs Go Karts
  4. Mophorn Go Kart Forward Reverse 212cc Gear Box 30 Series Torque Converter 10T #40/41 12T #35 Go Karts Accessories TAV2 30 40 41 for 2HP-13HP Engine, Transmission Local Honor, 3 Shift Modes
  5. X-PRO 125cc 4-Stroke ATV Gokart Engine with Automatic Transmission with Reverse, Electric Start

What motor do shifter karts use?

Before we proceed to the review part, let’s see what type of engine shifter karts use. Shifter karts primarily use 2-stroke engines with various power outputs. If we look at the shifter kart industry today, we’ll see 80cc (very rare), 125cc, 175cc, and 250cc engines commonly used in different karts. 125cc engines are the most common because of their affordability and decent power.

1. Predator 6.5 HP 212cc OHV Horizontal Shaft Gas Engine – NOT Certified for California; Fuel Shut Off and Recoil Start

Gas engines are in huge demand these days and the Predator 6.5 HP 212cc OHV Horizontal Shaft Gas Engine is no exception. The cylinder differs in high durability and practically does not wear out. It should be noted its resistance to mishandling, however, it is better not to risk it, and do everything right.

Thanks to the convenient control, starting is easy. The operation of the device is simple, and even a beginner can handle it. Please note that this device is not certified by the State of California. Therefore, for California residents, it is better to choose another option.

The main purpose of a gas engine is to turn off the fuel supply and start recoil. Thanks to the ability to cut off the fuel supply, the device is very easy and safe to transport over different distances. There is a support shaft, which is fixed on ball bearings. This ensures a long service life.

At the top, there are valves that will save gas. Therefore, a low temperature will be provided. The device will not only last longer but also ensure the cleanliness of work. Due to the presence of a horizontal shaft, the engine will be universal, and suitable for different jobs.

The design has been improved so you won’t have to buy it again often due to breakage. The engine capacity is 212 cubic centimeters. Power – about 6.5 horsepower. The engine runs on four cycles. The dimensions of the shaft are 19.1×61.7 mm.

A keyway is provided at the end. The fuel tank is rated at 0.9 gallons. The structure is about 14 inches high and 12.5 inches wide. Measurements were taken from the end of the crank to the starter recoil. If you take measurements from the air filter to the fuel tank, then the figures will be 14.5 inches. The design weighs 38 pounds.


  • The device is very easy and safe to transport over different distances
  • It has the valves that save gas
  • The shaft is universal and suitable for different jobs


  • This device is not certified by the State of California

2. maXpeedingrods Go Kart Forward Reverse Gearbox Kit for 2HP-13HP Engine 4 Stroke Only Works with 30 Series Torque Converter 3 Shift Modes #35 Chain Go Karts Accessories Go Kart Transmission

This gearbox kit belongs to the 30 series, and it is distinguished by the possibility of forward and reverse. This is a universal option that can be installed on both karts and SUVs. The main thing is that the engine power should not exceed 14 horsepower. There are several necessary stars in the kit.

The shaft size included is 5/8″. The gearbox works quite quickly, and its speed is 5/13 of the speed of the clutch. There is a cable to help shift gears and it is 60 inches long. In the kit, in addition to the gearbox with different input options, there are mounting plates.

There is also a gearshift disc and 2 cables. There are sprockets of different sizes – 10T and 12T. There is a node that helps to shift gears.

Before being placed on the market, the manufacturer lubricates the product with oil. As soon as the oil runs out, it will need to be replaced. Only half of the box needs to be filled. If you will put the gearbox on a kart, then it is better to use GL-5 series gear oil. Other options will be inappropriate and may affect durability.

Gear shifting is carried out in three modes. You can move forward, backward, or put the gear in neutral. This greatly simplifies the management process.

In the manufacture of the structure, high-quality metal options are used. At the same time, it is small in weight, and very durable. This significantly affects the service life. You can use the kit for decades if you maintain it properly.

In addition to karting, you can put this gearbox on cargo vehicles. Remember to change the oil as needed. It is better not to exceed the recommended volumes so that the device lasts a long time and you do not have to deal with repairs.


  • Universal option for karts and SUVs
  • 3 modes
  • Gearbox suits on cargo vehicles


  • No significant user deficiencies noted

3. X-PRO Short Case 150cc 4-Stroke GY6 Engine w/CVT Transmission Electric Starter Air Cooled for 150cc Full Size ATVs Go Karts

Especially popular are the engines with transmission, which are powered by electricity and have the function of air cooling. The model in question is considered full-size and will be appropriate for most ATVs. You can also install the structure on a kart.

Item weighs approximately 70 lbs. The operating voltage is 12 V. The power of the device is 6.5 kW. The force is 8.72 horsepower. The engine is designed for 150 cubic meters and runs on 4 cycles. The gearbox is automatic. There is a short-starter housing that runs on electricity.

It should be noted that the start is carried out from electricity. The engine itself consists of 1 cylinder and is complemented by two valves. Included with the product are an inlet pipe and a spark plug. In the kit, you will not find a carburetor, battery, ignition coil, and voltage regulator.

Before proceeding with the assembly and operation of the product, it is recommended to check all the equipment and certification. This is necessary for high-quality and durable work. It will also help you save some money in the future. After all, some suppliers refuse to return funds if the product is unusable.

There is a special adapter that helps to install the engine on the kart. Lubrication will be required, which is possible under pressure or by splashing. Cooling is carried out under the influence of air. Fuel is supplied by carburetor atomization.

The engine is capable of making up to 7500 revolutions per minute. If you install the device and put it idle, the minimum stable speed is about 1500 rpm. On average, the device consumes about 9.3 ounces of fuel per hour. Use SF10W/40-SE as a lubricant. It will need about 0.26 gallons.


  • Full-sized model for most ATVs
  • Automatic gearbox
  • There is an adapter for installation on a car for karting


  • Somу manufacturers supply unsuitable goods to the market

4. Mophorn Go Kart Forward Reverse 212cc Gear Box 30 Series Torque Converter 10T #40/41 12T #35 Go Karts Accessories TAV2 30 40 41 for 2HP-13HP Engine, Transmission Local Honor, 3 Shift Modes

If you have a variety of vehicles, a torque converter will be required for them to function properly. The design in question is made of high-quality and durable metal. The size is 12x12x12 inches. The design weighs 12 pounds. Often this product is used in industrial energy.

Assembly after purchase will not be required. Lightweight and durable metal is used in the manufacture. The converter helps to move in a different direction. You can choose forward, reverse, or neutral gear. The shaft dimensions are 5/8 inches. The keyway is about 3/16 inches.

The product is capable of performing up to 2300 rpm. The reversible gearbox, which will be appropriate for karting, includes a gearbox with a keyway. There is also a lever that helps shift gears, as well as a disk for the same purpose.

In addition to the two transmission lines, there are 2 sprockets. Additionally, the manufacturer supplies two mounting plates. Installing the gearbox is pretty easy. Even a beginner who likes to work with his hands will cope with the work. Especially if he likes working with karts.

For ease of installation, it is enough to follow the requirements that are prescribed in the instructions. It should be noted the high adaptability of the device. Therefore, you can install the converter on cargo vehicles, as well as certain types of torque converters.

This model of the device is ideal for various vehicles that have an engine with a capacity of 13 horsepower. Thanks to the use of quality materials, you can be sure that the design will last for many years.

The main advantage is that the kit includes all the necessary accessories. It is important to note the versatility because the device will be appropriate for most vehicles.


  • Sold assembled
  • Solid metal model
  • Easy to install
  • The kit includes all the necessary accessories


  • Only suitable for engines up to 13 horsepower

5. X-PRO 125cc 4-Stroke ATV Gokart Engine with Automatic Transmission with Reverse, Electric Start

This engine, which works with an automatic transmission, is made of quality aluminum. Due to the large size, the weight of the structure is 65 pounds. This is the best option for all types of vehicles. After the purchase, the assembly will be required, which even a beginner can handle.

The engine is supplemented with one cylinder and runs on four cycles. It has 2 valves. It should be noted the presence of an automatic gear, which is complemented by a reversible type motor. The automatic transmission is in reverse. The kit comes with an inlet pipe.

There is also a drive sprocket, as well as a special cover for it. There is a spark plug included. However, in the kit, you will not find a carburetor or a battery. There is also no voltage regulator or ignition coil. The main advantage of the design is the presence of a high-quality aluminum head.

It is located on the cylinder block. The body of the cylinder itself is made of durable iron. When purchasing an engine, first make sure it is suitable for your vehicle. The power of the device is 7.4 horsepower. On average, the device consumes 9.65 ounces of fuel every hour.

The cylinder has a diameter of 2.06 inches. The piston moves with a stroke of 1.95 inches. You need to install spark plugs only for a certain model – A7TC. The cylinders have a displacement of approximately 0.03 gallons. A lubricant change will be required. You need to fill it in the amount of 0.2 gallons.

It should be noted that the launch is carried out with electricity. This greatly simplifies operation, especially if you are just starting to get acquainted with vehicles. This engine model will be a win-win option if you are looking for an affordable and high-quality fixture.


  • Quality aluminum model
  • An automatic gear, which is complemented by a reversible type motor
  • Easy operation


  • No carburetor and battery, voltage regulator and ignition coil included

Best Shifter Kart Brands

If you are planning to race professionally, you first need to purchase a shifter kart suitable for you. However, choosing one is becoming increasingly difficult due to the number of brands available on the market. So, below I have discussed the best shifter kart brands that have the right karts for you, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned driver.

People in the kart racing industry should be very familiar with CRG. This brand has a long and prestigious history full of wins in the karting world. Their headquarter and production center is located in Brescia, Italy, developing innovations and performance with high-tech research. CRG’s racing chassis lineup is one of the best on the market. However, the goodness of CR doesn’t just stop at its chassis. This manufacturer also offers a ton of different karts, including rentals, mini, cadet, racing karts, and a lineup of kart accessories.

Birel is another big name in the shifter kart industry. Its history goes way before most of the brands in the karting industry today. Taking karting as their passion, birel has created some of the best karts with their tradition and innovation. However, the journey of this karting giant only started in the small town of Lissone, Italy, trying to imitate the quality of the chassis built in the USA. After more than 6-0 years, Birel has been established as a superior brand to most USA kart manufacturers. Birel’s kart lineup includes a wide variety of race, rental and specialized karts.

The karting industry always lacked the spirit to go out of the norm and do something different in design and performance. Thanks to Intrepid, karting lovers got to experience the fearless and adventurous karting experience. As you can already assume, the karting industry is highly dominated by Italian brands, and the same way Intrepid also comes from Italy. With innovative designs and a wide variety of karts, this brand has made its mark in the shifter kart industry. Intrepid offers a wide array of karts in their karting lineup, suitable for rental purposes and racing.

Finally, a name on the list that originates from the USA. Despite the dominance of Italian brands in the shifter kart industry, OTK karts have made a name for themselves with exceptional racing and rental karts. This brand is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, and from there, it has been excellently competing with Italian brands with next-level performance. Unlike other brands, OTK offers several lineups of racing karts, allowing customers to choose suitable options for themselves. Moreover, OTK karts are widely available for purchase across the USA through dealerships, unlike Italian brands. Their rental kart options, like Tony karts, are prevalent amongst recreational go-kart tracks across the USA.

What is the fastest shifter kart?

Professional kart racing is divided into various classes with different engines. In kart racing, the 250cc engine karts are considered the fastest and also recognized as super karts. These powerhouses with 2-cylinder engines can generate up to 100 hp. As a result, the top speed quickly hits the 130 – 140 mph range, thus making 250cc shifter karts the fastest. 

How fast are 125cc shifter karts?

Considering how standard 125cc karts are, it’s a common question many buyers have. 125cc engines are considered the entry point into kart racing with the most affordable price. Depending on various kart specifications, a 125cc shifter kart can easily hit the top speed of 80 mph.

How fast is a 175cc shifter kart?

175cc shifter carts are a little more advanced and used for intermediate shifter kart races. So, if you want to upgrade your karting game with something faster, 175 cc karts are the best choice. Typically, a 175cc shifter kart can go up to a top speed of 100 mph.

How fast is a 250cc shifter kart?

At 250cc, we are looking at a miniature car capable of generating massive power. 250cc shifter karts are also known as super karts. These karts are used for the highest level of kart racing. Not only are they fast, but they can also easily hit a top speed of 140 mph.

How many gears does a shifter kart have?

The same shifter kart came from its ability to shift gears. This transmission ability makes it easier to control the speed and go at a higher pace. Typically, a shifter card has six gears. As you accelerate, the transmission moves from lower to higher gears. The higher the gear, the faster your kart will run.


That’s a wrap for today. I hope my article about the best shifter kart engine will help you install the right engine in your kart. While there is a lot of fan of conventional kart out there, shifter kart can be your companion on the track too. Why? Unlike the one-speed transmission of typical karts, shifter karts offer multiple-speed transmission, making it super popular for intermediate kart racers. So, have you been planning to build one lately? If you are, the engines mentioned above can be the right fit.

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