In go-kart operation, there is an important moment to understand the go-kart chain size chart dimensions that can cause decreasing in speed or some malfunctions.

The go-kart can move via the track by using a chain drive. This mechanism transfers torque from the crankshaft to the rear sprocket connecting with the rear wheel. The drive chain mainly consists of a front sprocket, rear sprocket, and roller chain covered with chain lube. For the proper function of this system is important to choose the right size chain.

For the correct maintenance of the go-kart, you have to change the roller chain periodically. This detail elongates during its exploitation. Sometimes enormous chain elongation can cause a stuck in the rear wheel and an accident creation on the track.

When you use the proper chain lube it helps to prevent friction and increase its lifetime. But the chain will loosen after some time you drive your sport go-kart. If you replace the current chain with a very short chain the enormous loads on the sprockets accelerate the wearing of the rear axle.

If that’s your first time facing the problem of go-kart chain size you may wonder what chain size you need. So let’s introduce you go-kart chain size chart.

How to read a go-kart chain size chart

Chain Size 35 40 41 410 415 415H 420 425 428 428H 520 520H 520-2 525 530

Pitch 3/8″ 1/2″ 1/2″ 1/2″ 1/2″ 1/2″ 1/2″ 1/2″ 1/2″ 1/2″ 5/8″ 5/8″ 5/8″ 5/8″ 5/8″

Roller Diameter 3/16″ 0.312″ 0.306″ 0.306″ 0.306″ 0.306″ 0.306″ 0.312″ 0.335″ 0.335″ 0.4″ 0.4″ 0.4″ 0.4″ 0.4″

Roller Width 3/16″ 5/16″ 1/4″ 1/8″ 3/16″ 3/16″ 1/4″ 5/16″ 5/16″ 5/16″ 1/4″ 1/4″ 1/4″ 5/16″ 3/8″

Pin Diameter 1/8″ 0.156″ 0.141″ 0.141″ 0.141″ 0.141″ 0.156″ 0.156″ 0.177″ 0.177″ 0.2″ 0.2″ 0.2″ 0.2″ 0.2″

Tensile 2,100 3,700 2,000 1,600 1,600 1,600 3,700 3,700 4,200 4,200 6,100 6,100 12,200 6,100 6,100

When you have this go-kart chain size chart above everything may appear confusing to grasp initially. But there’s nothing complicated there. As a go-kart’s chain consists of chain segments (inner and outer plates with rollers fixed by pins) there are some key indicators you need to provide the right chain flex:

  • roller diameter ;
  • roller width is the distance between inner plates;
  • pitch;
  • pin diameter.

You’ll probably never use all these positions of go-kart chain sizes in your vehicle because some of them are larger and heavier than you need, badly affecting your go-kart drive system. If you use the wrong chain, it can be hard to perform the replacement and can cause damage to your engine.

Understanding go-kart chain measurements

The measurement process of completing a go-kart chain isn’t complicated. Initially, we’re talking about pitch and chain sizes because they are interconnected.

The pitch of a go-kart chain equals the distance from the master link to the next link. Every link consists of two inner plates and two outer plates with rollers. The pitch size of the most common chain will always be converted to an eighth of an inch.

For example, standard chain 425 includes a pitch of 4/8” or the same pitch of 1/2” (you can find both numbers in different go-kart chain size charts). And 25 means 2.5/8” or also 5/16” for the measure of roller width. So, chain size amount to the first digit of pitch (converted to X/8″) and roller width (converted to X/8″)

After the roller width, the next important to know is the roller diameter. To determine this parameter, find the distance between one end of the roller to the other end of the roller.

The pin diameter reflects a size chain that influences its tensile strength. You can measure pin diameter by taking the distance between one side of the pin and the opposite point of the pin.

How to determine chain sizes from a sprocket?

A sprocket wheel can be used to attach rear wheels to roller chains or other equipment using certain teeth. In a go-kart, two screws on both sides attach a chain to the back. These devices transfer power from the motors of a go-kart on their wheels. It’s also possible to make a sprocket chain without the need to know its length.

To determine the chain length of the screw, use a proper wrench or adjustable wrench. Take the screws off the sprocket then put it in the ring of a tooth. Measure the distance between the teeth and choose a go-kart of equal pitch length.

How to know what go-kart chain size you need

Your Kart chain length and size have a major effect on performance. If a chain is correctly size sizing can increase your speed and help boost straights and off-corners for many laps.

In addition, a wrong chain might cause problems in your car. It could damage the chain and the sprockets. This part might not be that expensive, but when the chain is broken down, the chain may be ruined.

Roller width

The width of the roller is the real width of the chain go-karting or roll chain. The width of the measure is measured from one side to the other side. 520 сhain is 1/4-inch wide. There is a 1/4′ difference between the two plates in the center. Calculation in roller width. Roller width = With roller distance from two sides.

How to measure go-kart chain length?

When measuring the roller chain length the user must count all its links aside from their masters. Add the length of the chain to multiply it.

Chain length measurement

Usually, length chains are utilized for securing the spouts of a car. When you switch to sprockets having more teeth there will be an increased tension on the chains to allow for their movement. Moving toward small sprockets requires a shorter strand length.

The adjustment can be made by adding more links or eliminating links when necessary besides the master link. The length of a chain depends on the total of links within its total (without the master link).

Roller diameter

The width and height of a rolling wheel are metric units. To measure that, simply measure between one end and another of the rollers. That’s the radius of the piece. 520 chain has a roller diameter of approximately 1.5”. The roller diameter of the chain is 0.5′′.

Chain roller measurement

The difference between chains was measured by pin. Typically karts have the same pin diameters but some have different sizes of roller pins for different wheels. Roller pins determine the tension in the chain. A thicker roller and pin diameter have the greater force and will be stronger. The chain is also narrow or wide according to roller dimensions.

Chain pitch measurement

Measuring the pitch helps determine the total chain weight. The more powerful engines, the stronger the chains need to be. The light and weak chains that we use in cars can’t work in a Motocross vehicle. What is the best method to measure your chains? Here’s how pitching starts. Pitch refers to the distance between two pins in an outer layer.

How tight should the go-kart chain be?

Too loose chains can quickly be dislocated. The tightest will exert excessive pressure on the engine and its sprocket, which may damage it. It is important to avoid chains that are too tight or too loose. It’s logical for you to keep this flexibility at 1-3/8”.

Mini bike chain size

Usually, mini bike chains have the right chain size on the side plate of the chain link as a stamp.

Most mini bikes manufactured in the USA are equipped with #35-chain, 40 chains, 41-chains, 420-chains, and 50 chains.

Pay attention when you order this spare part. If the overall length of the chain is too long extra links can always be removed. Try not to run the chain too tight, it will grind the sprocket teeth down in a very short period.

How to replace your go-kart chain?

When go-karts are used regularly the chains can be loosened and can fall out of their shafts or be pulled apart. This affects sprockets and motors. The lengths of chains need to be shorter to be easily replaced once at a time.

You may also employ chain removal devices for that purpose. The clip should first be removed with a plier. Draw both chain ends together with an angle between 2 and 4”. Find the amount of shortened content and the amount of added links in your document. Secondly, remove the sprockets from the chains and then remove additional ties.

Why do go-kart chains get loose?

The chains can break from go-karting in many ways and this happens most naturally when you drive the car. If you change your chain settings, your chain tension should be checked when you’re preparing to go. With time kart chains loosen up.

It’s not necessarily a sign of a problem because your chain is a problem with karting. Always monitor the chain tensions on your kart. You can easily check it if you do your usual maintenance and check-up before you head off for your day.


How do I know what size go-kart chain I need?

Measures between the center of the first rivet and the center of the second rivet. Its pitch size is always a fraction of a foot wide. Typically if a pitch of 1/4 inch converts into 4″ Gokart chain dimensions.

What length of chain for a kart?

The typical roller chain size: is 34, 40, 41, 420, 428, and 50.

How do I know what chain is on my go-kart?

The pitch was what we needed when assessing the chain size. Gokart chains are numbers based on the initial letter of the pitch. The last 2 numbers of the roller height. Typically, the length of the 420 chains is four/8 in whereas the length of the 520 chains is five/8 inches.

What’s the difference between the 40 and 41 chain?

There are differences between the 40 roller chain and the 41 roller chain in terms of roller width and pin diameter and tenseness.


The go-kart chain size chart was informative for you. You can always refer to this chart when you need to refer to go-kart chain dimensions.

This will come in handy if you plan to shorten your go-kart chain or if you are trying to determine what chain size you need for your go-kart. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them below and I’ll get to them as soon as I can! 

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