Are you concerned about what will be the fitted and best torque converter for a go-kart for you? We reviewed the 7 market’s best torque go-kart converters; just check out and pick.

  1. IParts Experts Torque Converter – For 30 Series
  2. Moosun Torque Converter – For 30 Series
  3. Jeremywell 40 Series Torque Converter Kit Clutch Pulley
  4. 212CC Torque Converter 6.5 HP 3/4″ Go Kart Mini Bike
  5. VEVOR 212CC Torque Converter Kit Go Kart 30 Series
  6. Kart Torque Converter
  7. 40 Series Go Kart Torque Converter Kit With Belt

Imagine how irritating, boring, and time-consuming a go-kart can be without a powerful engine. Even your safety will be a great concern for a low-profile engine. In that case, the go-kart can stop, overheat, or cause internal damage while taking a quick turn.

Picking the best torque converter for go-kart can be one of the most effective solutions to avoid all those challenges and hassles. The torque converter will help you to take complete control of your kart based on the situation.

But when the market keeps multiple options for you, choosing the right torque converter is really a tough job. Don’t worry, dear. We will help you choose the best torque converter that boosts your go-kart speed and riding efficiency.

We also keep an overall buying guide to make your purchasing decision easier, faster, and smoother. But, if you want to get a quick choice then pick the Iparts Experts Torque Converter. It is absolutely the best one as a 30-series torque converter.

What Is The Torque Converter?

A torque converter is a simple device that you will connect with your go-kart instead of a clutch. It works by fluid coupling transmission and the force of driving and driven gear.

what is torque converter

The driver gear will help you to peak the highest speed of your kart, and the driven gear will help you reach the hills and slow driving. As a result, you will remain safe while driving the go-kart on uneven and rough terrain.

What Does a Torque Converter Do For a Go-Kart?

As a piece of mechanical equipment, the torque converter is very popular over a manual clutch. It has two variable transmission pulleys having nearly 2350 RPM speeds.

what does torque converter do

Basically, it is placed beside the engine, and the two pulleys work based on the driving belt movement. The driven pulley sets up the go-kart’s jackshaft with the rear axle chains and sprockets.

You can enjoy many benefits by attaching a torque converter to your go-kart. Let’s see what the torque converter does for your go-kart…

  • It can reach up to 2350 RPM speed to boost your driving efficiency and productivity.
  • It works via a fluid coupling transmission system, and you don’t need to give too much manual pressure to drive the kart.
  • It is very hard to take complete control of a go-kart with a manual clutch. In most cases, a beginner go-kart driver can not efficiently do it. But when you have a torque converter, you can easily drive the kart. No matter if you are a novice or pro go-kart driver.
  • The two pulleys separately work for fast and slow driving. That’s why you will remain safe all over your ride without the risk of kart flipping for quick stopping.

7 Best Torque Converter For Go-Kart Review

1: IParts Experts Torque Converter – For 30 Series


  • Using material: Aluminium & Iron
  • Engine Recommendation: 2 hp – 7 hp
  • Belt Top Width: 3/4″
  • Driver Pulley Clutch Bore: 3/4″
  • Driven Pulley Diameter: 5/8″
  • 12 Tooth Sprocket Chain: #35 chain
  • 10 Tooth Sprocket Chain: #40/41/420 chain
  • Engagement Range: 2150 rpm – 2350 RPM


  • A  Drive Belt
  • A 3/4″ Driver Pulley
  • A 6″ Diameter 5/8″ Driven Pulley
  • A Plastic Assy Cover
  • An Aluminum Mounting Plate
  • A Set of Full Mounting Hardware Kit
  • A 10 sprocket tooth to fit with 40, 41, and 42 chain
  • A 12 Tooth Sprocket to fit with 35 chain
go kart torque converter

We choose the 30 series IParts Experts Torque Converter as our top pick. Because of its easy and simple installation process, it earns the Amazon no#1 best-selling device under automotive replacement torque converter. It comes with every detailed tool that you need when replacing a manual centrifugal clutch with a torque converter.

The ⅝” driven and ¾” driver pulleys are directly replaceable for almost every type of go-kart and mini-bike. What do you think about sprocket teeth?

No need, as you will get a 10-tooth sprocket to fit with your 40, 41, and 420 size chain and a 12-tooth sprocket for 35 size chain. That means no matter what the size of your chain, you can install the sprocket to enjoy a smooth and safe go-kart ride.

However, the central distance between the driver and the driven pulley is 6.93″ to 7″. Even when you compare its price against the quality; you find it is very affordable. So there is no reason to ignore this best go-kart torque converter.

2: Moosun Torque Converter – For 30 Series


  • Using material: Aluminium & Iron
  • Engine Recommendation: 2 hp – 8 hp
  • Belt Top Width: 3/4″
  • Driver Pulley Clutch Bore: 3/4″
  • Driven Pulley Diameter: 5/8″
  • 12 Tooth Sprocket Chain: #35 chain
  • 10 Tooth Sprocket Chain: #40/41/420 chain
  • Engagement Range: 2150 rpm – 2350 rpm


  • A  Drive Belt
  • A 3/4″ Driver Pulley
  • A 6″ Diameter 5/8″ Driven Pulley
  • A Plastic Assy Cover
  • An Aluminum Mounting Plate
  • A Set of Full Mounting Hardware Kit
  • A 10-sprocket tooth to fit with 40 and 41 chain
  • A 12 Tooth Sprocket to fit with 35 chain
torque converter kit

Our next choice is from Moosun, which is another best brand of torque converters. As it builds the converter with a combination of aluminum and iron, all the accessories are durable, rust-resistant, and heavy-duty. You can easily attach this converter with your 30-series belt and Comet TAV2.

When you attach the converter to the belt, it reduces engine loads and failure. The pulley’s center-to-center distance is between 6.625″ and 6.68″. Additionally, setting up the flat sides belt against a 2½° angle from the engine will provide you the maximum performance.  

The tool has two pulleys with 6″ and 3/4″ Diameters that perfectly fit any straight crankshaft. Even the 10-tooth sprocket and 12-tooth sprocket will snugly fit with respectively for 40, 41, and 420 and 35 size chains. The company will provide you with every single tool to easily install the Moosun torque converter.

That’s why we can say you can choose it to build a new homemade and customized go-kart. Or you can replace your old manual go-kart with a torque converter go-kart.

3: Jeremywell 40 Series Torque Converter Kit Clutch Pulley 1″ Driver 5/8″ Driven 8 to16HP Belt replace Comet 40D Series Torq-A-Verter models 209133A, 209133, 209139A, 209139, 209151A, 209151, Manco 2432


  • Using material: Aluminium & Iron
  • Engine Recommendation: 8 hp – 18 hp
  • Driver Pulley Clutch Bore: 1″
  • Driven Pulley Diameter: 5/8″
  • Engagement Range: 1600 rpm – 3300 rpm


  • Hole diameter is 1 inch.
  • Straps are 7/8″ wide.
  • The keyway size is 3/16″.

This hydraulic transformer kit is a great option if you need to replace Comet 40D Torq-A-Verter 209133A, 209133, 209139A, 209139, 209151A, 209151, and Manco 2432 engines. It can be installed on engines whose power varies from 8 to 18 horsepower.

Starting is carried out when the rotation range varies from 1600 to 3300 rpm. There are no instructions in the kit, so you will have to deal with the installation technique yourself. If you are afraid of making a mistake and causing the entire system to fail, it is better to seek help from an experienced professional.

The torque converter kit in question has a 1″ clutch pulley. The dimensions of the driven drive are 5/8 inches. You can install the structure on go-karts and small bicycles, which are often ridden by teenagers and children. The linear coupling is made with a clear symmetry and can be placed on small motors.

There is the possibility of a driver’s clutch. As mentioned, the hole diameter is 1 inch. Straps available are 7/8″ wide. They are included in the kit, so you do not need to buy them separately. The keyway size is 3/16 inches.

The main purpose of the device is to ensure the smooth starting of the car and reduce the transfer of shock loads from the transmission to the engine shaft. Most often used with automatic transmissions or CVTs. Given that most vehicles operate this way, a fixture would be the best option.

If you install the structure correctly, it will act as a clutch. That is, the transmission and increase in torque from the motor to the gearbox will be carried out. For a short amount of time, the transmission will be disconnected from the engine, due to which the gear will change.

4: Complete Torque Converter Go Kart Clutch Kit Set 3/4inch 10T #40/41 and 12T #35 Chain Replacement for 218353A Manco Comet TAV2


  • Using material: Aluminium & Iron
  • Engine Recommendation: 2 hp – 7 hp
  • Belt Top Width: 3/4″
  • 12 Tooth Sprocket Chain: #35 chain
  • 10 Tooth Sprocket Chain: #40/41chain
  • Engagement Range: 2350-2550 RPM


  • A 3/4″ Driver Pulley.
  • A 6″ Diameter 5/8″ Driven Pulley.

In recent years, the clutch kit, which is installed in pictures, and is complemented by a torque converter, has been in special demand. The Complete Torque Converter Go Kart Clutch Kit Set 3/4inch is in huge demand and can be used as a replacement for 218353A Manco Comet TAV2.

You need to combine with engines whose power is up to 8 horsepower. The optimal engine size should be 212 cubic centimeters. The shaft is ¾ inch in size and has a flat key. In the manufacture of the manufacturer used high-quality iron and aluminum alloy. The selection of materials was carried out with particular trepidation.

Therefore, the structure will be strong. It should be noted that it has a long service life. Not to mention the maximum torque. The set is resistant to wear and quickly dissipates heat. The set includes a 12-tooth sprocket. It will fit chain number 35. You can focus on which chain will be used in the future.

Additionally, the kit includes a 10-tooth sprocket that will provide a 41/40 chain drive. The size of the sleeve hole is 1.9 centimeters. Such a kit will be appropriate if you need to complement different vehicles, including a lawn mower, a compact tractor, or a go-kart.

Such kits are suitable for installation on small bicycles, motorcycles, and water ski winches. The set is complete, so you don’t have to buy anything extra. The driven block has a diameter of 6 inches. The launch is carried out in the range of 2350 rpm.

It should be noted that the set works best with engines that belong to the 2HP-7HP series. There is a belt that has a slight asymmetry. This is a one-stop solution for most engines that have a ¾” straight crankshaft. Not to mention the low cost of construction.

5: 212CC Torque Converter 6.5 HP 3/4″ Go Kart Mini Bike Comet Clutch 10T 40/41 and 12T 35 Chain Predator Driver Pulley Replacement Set – 30 Series


  • Using material: Aluminium & Iron
  • Engine Recommendation: 2 hp – 7 hp
  • Belt Top Width: 3/4″
  • Driver Pulley Clutch Bore: 3/4″
  • 12 Tooth Sprocket Chain: #35 chain
  • 10 Tooth Sprocket Chain: #40/41chain
  • Engagement Range: 2150 rpm – 2350 RPM


  • 12 Tooth Sprocket to fit with 35 chains.
  • A 3/4″ Driver Pulley.
  • A 5/8″ Driven Pulley.
  • 10 sprocket tooth to fit with 40 and 41 chains.
  • Aluminum Mounting Plate.
  • A Plastic Assy Cover.
  • Drive Belt.

This is a new and improved torque converter clutch kit, which will be the best solution for karting. At the same time, its volume is 212 cubic centimeters, and the power reaches 6.5 horsepower.

The unit converts torque to 3/4″ and is the best alternative to the Comet TAV2 Torque Converter Kit for 30 version karts. This is a one-stop solution for engines that are 3/4″ sized and have a straight crankshaft.

The set includes a 10-tooth sprocket. It can be installed on chain number 40 or 41, depending on your preference. There is also a 12-tooth sprocket that will fit perfectly on a 35-chain. The kit will be appropriate for small engines ranging from 2 to 8 horsepower.

It has an asymmetric design and will be the best solution if you need to upgrade your SUV a bit. There is a special conversion strap that is 27.76 inches long. The outside circumference is 64 inches and the width is 0.75 inches. The difference between master and slave is about 7 inches.

With the help of such a device, you can increase the power of an existing engine. This is because the load on it will decrease. The torque converter is practically no difference in operation from the transmission. The engine will be able to run at a higher speed combined with smooth acceleration.

To make things easier for the customer, the manufacturer has included a ¾” drive pulley, a 5/8″ drive pulley, and an aluminum mounting plate. There are both sprockets, as well as all the necessary hardware for installation.

When assembling, make sure that the torque converter drive pulley is tightly fixed to the crankshaft of the engine. To do this, use bolts that ensure the durability and wear resistance of the structure.

6: VEVOR 212CC Torque Converter Kit Go Kart 30 Series 6.5 HP Mini Bike Comet Clutch Set 3/4 Inch 10T #40 or 41 Chain Predator Driver Pulley Replacement Comet TAV2 Go-Kart Torque Converter


  • Using material: Aluminium & Iron
  • Engine Recommendation: 2 hp – 7 hp
  • Belt Top Width: 3/4″
  • Driver Pulley Clutch Bore: 3/4″
  • Driven Pulley Diameter: 5/8″
  • 10 Tooth Sprocket Chain: #40/41 chain


  • Drive Belt
  • A 5/8″ Driven Pulley
  • 3/4″ Driver Pulley
  • A Plastic Assy Cover

This torque converter kit from VEVOR consists of a torque converter as well as a torque converter clutch. The design will be the best solution for mounting on a kart. In the manufacture of high-quality iron and aluminum was used.

Despite its lightweight, the design is very strong and durable. The main purpose of the device is to reduce the load on the engine. Thanks to this, you will be able to get more power from the vehicle. There are several lead couplings in the kit, designed for ¾ and 5/8 inches.

They will be appropriate for all engines that have a straight crankshaft of the required size. There is a ¾ inch drive sleeve that is complemented by a 10-tooth sprocket. It will be appropriate for chains 40/41. The belt is 27.7 inches long. It is so strong that it is almost impossible to break it.

You can use this kit to replace Comet 218353A, 219552A, 219456A, 217610A, 203814A, TAV2 30-75, Yelf Dog Q43201W drive unit. The kit includes all the necessary hardware for fasteners, which greatly simplifies installation and makes it worry-free.

This is an upgraded version of the go-kart torque converter kit that has a slight asymmetry of 18 degrees. The set includes a durable transmission belt that will ensure the durability of the vehicle. Thanks to this, the car will accelerate smoothly and drive quickly.

As already mentioned, the device is made of quality materials, so you can be sure that it will not fail after a few months of operation. It should be noted that the driven clutch will be an excellent solution for devices whose power varies from 4 to 8 horsepower. This is the best solution for karts and motorcycles.

7: 40 Series Go Kart Torque Converter Kit With Belt, Clutch Pulley Driver Driven 8 to 16 HP


  • Using material: Aluminium & Iron
  • Engine Recommendation: 8 hp – 16 hp
  • Engagement Range: 1600 rpm – 3300 rpm


  • A Plastic Assy Cover
  • A  Drive Belt
  • A Driver Pulley
  • Easy Mounting Plate

The Torque Converter Kit, which belongs to the 40 series, is in particular demand. It is completed with a base plate that allows for quick installation. There is also an intermediate shaft. This is the optimal solution for karts and engines, the power of which varies from 8 to 16 horsepower.

The crankshaft is rated at 1 inch. The keyway is ¼ inch. The kit includes everything you need, including a clutch, a base plate with an intermediate shaft that can be quickly removed, and a cover. There is also an updated drive belt, which was developed by experienced specialists.

It is distinguished by excellent strength and practically does not break, even if you actively and often use it. It should be noted that the design is slightly asymmetrical, so it will further increase the load-bearing capacity of the belt.

In the manufacture of the structure, the manufacturer used aluminum and high-quality steel. Therefore, it will not be afraid of rust and corrosion. The quality of materials has a positive effect on strength and wear resistance. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the fact that a replacement will soon be required.

The device helps convert torque for small motorcycles and bicycles. Some users use it for go-karts and other compact vehicles that have little power. This is the best solution for vehicles that are bought for children or entertainment.

Another important advantage of the device is that it has an affordable cost, taking into account all of the above parameters. If you spend money on buying it once, you can save a lot in the future. After all, you do not have to replace parts or the entire kit too often.

What Size Torque Converter Do I Need For My Go-Kart?

If you choose the wrong size torque converter, then you can not fit it with your go-kart. So you must choose the right size tool for your homemade or replace your existing go-kart manual centrifugal clutch. In the market, you will find different sizes of torque converters. The sizes are defined by series. Such as-

20-Series Torque Converter

If your go-kart’s engine is small in size and has less than 8 horsepower, you can easily choose the 20 series torque converter. It has a 3/4″ and 5/8″ shaft diameter with 6″ and 7″ driven clutches. This converter can not produce high speed because of its conventional symmetrical belt. So it will be a great pick for off-road karts or lawn tractors.

30 Series Torque Converter

The 30 series torque converter is a popular, common, and useful size that fits most go-kart engines. It highly fits with 3-8 horsepower engines, and its engagement range is approximately 2150-2550 RPM. It has both 10 and 12 sizes of tooth sprockets to attach with the #40/41 and #35 chain.

The 30 series torque converter comes with an asymmetrical belt and works with a spring mechanism. And it has a 3/4″ top width with one side flat design. So the chain will not come out while running.  

40 Series Torque Converter

The largest size means a 40 series torque converter is recommended for more than 10 horsepower engines. The available 40 series torque converter fits the engines; those are a minimum 8hp and a maximum 25hp. So you can select this series for your ATV, LTV, or off-road go-kart.

The 40-series torque converters have respectively 3/4″, 1″, and 1 1/8″ diameters drive clutches and 5/8″, 3/4″, and 7/8″ diameters driven clutches. That’s why its final output ratio is 1:1.

Torque Converter Buying Guide

How To Choose The Best Torque Converter For Your Go-Kart (Buying Guide)

If you are new to building a homemade go-kart with a torque converter, you have to learn many things. Here, we arrange a buying guide by including every aspect you should consider when choosing the right device. Such as

  • Quality Material

The quality of a torque converter depends on the materials that are used when producing it. As the tool is designed to ease your go-kart’s movement and take heavyweight loads, its construction material must be durable. Otherwise, when the belt and pulley system produces high heat for crankshaft spins, it will break, hurt, or get damaged.

Here, the tool made with aluminum or iron or the perfect blending of iron and aluminum can ensure productivity and quality. So you should first check out the materials.

  • Engine’s Horsepower

After checking the materials, you must pay attention to the horsepower of your engine. If you don’t know the definition of horsepower. Don’t worry. We will describe it to you.

Basically, the engine’s performance is counted or measured by horsepower. First, check your engine’s hp from its label and then pick the torque converter that matches the recommended horsepower. Mostly, 3-8 hp engines need a 30-series torque converter.

Don’t forget to cross-check the company-recommended hp torque converter before placing your order to avoid any confusion or hassle.

  • Number of Tools

A torque converter is not only a single device that you can attach to your go-kart. Actually, it is a set of tools. If you have a single tool lack, you can not set it and get your expected performance. So you should know the name and number of tools that the torque converter package includes. For your convenience, here we attach them.

  1. Belt Guard
  2. Aluminum Backplate
  3. Drive Belt
  4. Driver Pulley
  5. Driven Pulley
  6. 10-tooth & 12-tooth Sprockets
  7. Mounting hardware
  • Revolution Per Minute

The torque converter’s speed is measured by revolutions per minute (RPM). When the torque converter starts to provide power to the engine, it rotates to run the go-kart.

There is a minimum and maximum RPM limit for the torque converter. So depending on your requirements, you should choose it. You can choose a roughly 2350 rpm torque converter to get the best performance.

  • Gear Ratio

Choosing the right gear ratio is another most important part of selecting the torque converter. You can calculate the gear ratio by doing simple math. Just divide the driven wheel’s tooth by the driver wheel’s tooth to determine the gear ratio.

So, now you may think why you should give importance to the gear ratio. Because by knowing the ratio, you can predict how fast the engine responds when the transmission rotates. That’s why you can handle the go-kart efficiently to avoid slipping or losing speed.

  • Easy Installation Process

All things are perfect, but you can not install them with your go-kart. Does that add any value? Most probably not. So you should consider the easy installation system of the torque converter to save your time, effort, and energy.

It will be better if the torque converter-producing company gives clear instructions in its user manual about the installation procedure. As a result, you can go with it to attach the device to the go-kart.

  • Budget

You will find different price ranges of go-kart torque converters in the market. So getting confused is not uncommon. But if you previously fixed a budget before researching, you can easily choose the best product within your budget.

And here, we keep all the torque converters below 100 dollars. So we hope you can choose your required torque converter from our selected list within your budget.

How Can You Install a Torque Converter?

Now, we know you can easily choose the right torque converter for your go-kart. But, purchasing is not the end of the work. You have to install it. So let’s know the torque converter installation process in a step-by-step guide. Before going to the main installation, you will be ready with 2 separate wrenches for mounting and shaft screws.

  • Step 1: open the box and organize the equipment

As you know, you will get many big and small parts in the torque converter box. Open the box and lay out all the parts in a flat place in an organized way. So that you can easily find out your required tools while working.

  • Step 2: Install the driven and driver pulley

First, check out your chain size to pick the fitted chain between 10-tooth sprockets and 12-tooth sprockets. Now, attach the driven pulley and the driver pulley over the Jackshaft. Don’t forget to use the key washer to secure the attachment.

Lastly, install the nut and screws firmly with a wrench to ensure its safety. So when you use the torque converter, you will get the peak performance, and the attachment doesn’t want to come out because of loose installation. 

  • Step 3: Install the Mounting plate

In this step, you have to install the mounting plate beside the go-kart engine. Pick the mounting plate and the 4 bolts. Now, place the plate over the drive and driven pulley and attach the bolts tightly to perfectly secure the plate.

  • Step 4: Install The Plastic Assy Cover

You have done the main torque converter installation. Here, you should just attach the cover over the mounting plate to protect it from off-road karting dirt, dust, and sand. You will get 4 screws in the box to install the cover. Secure two of these screws on top and two at the bottom of the cover.

30 vs. 40 Series Torque Converter (Head To Head Comparison)

Many new torque converters don’t have a clear idea about the size and uses of 30-series and 40-series torque converters. So, now we reveal a head-to-head comparison between these two series. Let’s see

Comparison subject30 Series Torque Converter40 Series Torque Converter
Supported Engine2-4 cycle engines having 3-8 horsepower4 cycle engines having 8-18 horsepower
Belt sizeAsymmetrical straight belt Length 28.32″ Width 3/4″Symmetrical V shape belt Length 33.87″ Width 7/8″
Engagement range1200-3100 RPM1600-3100 RPM
TypeSymmetrical 20.5°Symmetrical 26°
Driven clutches6-7″ diameter 5/8″ or 3/4″ bore7 1/2 ” diameter 7/8″ 3/16″ bore
Drive Clutch Bore Sizes    3/4″ and 1″ (3/16 – 1/4 keyway)3/4″ and 1″ ( 1/4″ keyway)
Engine Crankshaft3/4″3/4″


How much horsepower can a 30 Series torque converter handle?

Most of the 30 series torque converters can handle 3-8 horsepower engines. The torque converter has a 3/4″ top width asymmetric design belt that fits with a 3/4″ driver pulley clutch Bore and 5/8″ driven pulley.

What’s better for a go-kart clutch or torque converter?

Both the go-kart clutch and the torque converter offer you the best performance based on their applications. The clutch works great for higher speeds, whereas the torque converter works great for low speeds.

That means if you need low speed or frequently stop the go-kart, then you can go with a torque converter. On the other hand, you can choose a clutch to get a safe and efficient high-speed go-kart driving experience.

What is a 40 Series torque converter?

The 40 series torque converter can handle minimum 8hp and maximum 25 hp engines. It has a 7/8″ diameter Top Width Symmetric Belt, clutches, buttons, and springs for easy application.

Last Word…

Now, we are coming to the end of our review and a guide about the best torque converter for go-karts. Before finalizing your next torque converter, we suggest you determine your needs. It will help you avoid many complications.

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