Installing a transmission in your cart seems like a good choice. However, it’s always a good idea to be unsure if your cart is compatible with it or not. 

So, can you put a transmission on a Predator 212?

Yes, you can put a transmission in a Predator 212. For this engine, it is recommended to use a CVT automatic transmission. For this, you have to remove the existing clutch and attach the CVT to the engine. However, it’s not possible to add a reverse gear with CVT. So you have to go for manual or reverse transmission. These are very complicated and expensive. 

To understand the whole concept and prices in detail, keep reading. 

Can You Put A Transmission On A Predator 212?

How To Put A CVT Transmission On A Predator 212

Yes, you can put a transmission on a Predator 212. Using a CVT or Continuously Variable Transmission with your go-kart engine is a feasible idea.

The CVT transmission is an automated transmission that will change the gear as per the speed. This transmission always keeps adjusting, so it will keep the RPM at the lower end and keep saving fuel. 

Using the transmission with a Predator 212 engine will also help you experience a smoother ride. You will understand it more especially on a heavily snow-covered road. 

However, this automated transmission can not reverse backward. It is only manufactured to work forwards automatically. So, if you want a reverse gear, you have to go for the manual transmission. And it can be very complicated. 

How To Put A CVT Transmission On A Predator 212?

To install a CVT transmission on Predator 212, you have to follow the process mentioned below.

Before going into the process, here’s a thing to remember. Any customization with the engine including installing CVT or alternator kits on Predator 212 requires automotive skills. If you are completely new at this, take help from someone experienced. 

Required Tools:

Step 1: Preparing the Go-cart

Make sure the go-cart is parked properly and the engine is completely cool before starting the process. 

Disassemble the go-kart to reach the existing clutch chain in front of the engine. 

Step 2: Removing the Existing Clutch 

Remove the existing clutch chain of Predator 212 to install the CVT. For his process, take small flat-nose pliers to remove the bolt that secured the chain. Take off the clutch chain. 

Remove the 13 mm bolt that is securing the clutch in place with an adjustable wrench. Then take off the clutch.  

Step 3: Preparing the Engine 

Take the wrench and rotate to loosen the threaded shaft that joins the clutch to the crankshaft. Slide off the shaft.

You will notice two yellow oil plugs in the crankshaft. You have to cut the handle of the oil plug on the right side with tin snips. It will clear the back of the torque converter. Otherwise, the oil plug will rub against the converter. 

Don’t worry about cutting the oil plug, as you have another plug on the left side.

Step 4: Installing the Torque Converter

Take the aluminum plate and align it with the engine’s crankshaft. There are multiple holes for bolts in the torque converter aluminum plate. Make sure to adjust the lower middle four of those holes with the crankshaft’s four bolt holes. 

Secure the torque converter properly with bolts. For this, first hand tightens the 4 hex cap 5/16 bolts on the bolt hole. Make sure to place the washer as well. After that, take a socket or wrench and tighten those bolts. 

Slide the spacer on the engine shaft then slide on the rear part of the aluminum plate. The broader end of the spacer or jackshaft should be visible from behind. The broader end has a circlip on it. After that, put the brass bushing onto the shaft.

Step 5: Installing The Torque Converter Belt 

Take the torque converter belt. Make sure the flat side of the belt is on the outer side. Slide the belt on the rear pulley shaft and then pop it on the front brass washer. 

After that, slide the gear cog on the inside part of the belt. And attach the gear cog lid on the outside of the belt. Put the washer on the gear cog and secure the whole thing with the bolt. Make sure to tighten the bolt properly. 

The CVT kit comes with a torque converter belt. But if you want to buy separately, know their compatibility with your engine first. For example, although both are common belts, there are still differences between 669 and 725 belts

Step 6: Reassembling

Reassemble every component of your go-kart back. Make sure to adjust everything correctly. Start the engine and see if the new transmission works according to your expectations. 

That’s how you put a transmission on a Predator 212. Here’s a video for a better understanding. 

Can You Put A Manual Transmission On A Predator 212?

Yes, you can put a manual transmission on a Predator 212. For reverse gear, you may want to put a manual transmission on your go-kart with a Predator 212 engine. However, this process is very complicated and costly. 

The Predator 212 is a horizontal engine. So, the output it provides is only suitable for forward transmission. 

To make your go-kart able for reverse gear, you require a vertical engine. You can install the engine and the transmission in a way that provides output for reverse gear. But for that, you have to go through several complicated adjustments and processes. 

So, it would be a very difficult task, and if you make any mistake during the process. The engine will show many problems. For example, Predator 212 may bog down during acceleration.  

However, here is a video showing the performance of manual transmission with Predator 212. Seeing this might help you make the right decision. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Are The Disadvantages of CVT?

The primary disadvantage of CVT is you won’t get a reverse gear from it. Other disadvantages of CVT include a high maintenance and repair cost, weird acceleration sound, and not having towing capacity. 

Which is Faster CVT or Manual?

CVT is faster than manual transmission. The CVT, being an automatic transmission, shifts gears faster and more efficiently according to engine speed. In the manual transmission, adjusting the gear manually takes time.

What Transmissions Do Go-Karts Use?

Go-karts either use automatic transmission or manual transmission depending on the cart model. Many go-karts don’t even use a transmission and operate on direct drives. 


Here goes the discussion on “Can you put a transmission on a Predator 212” or not. Before doing any experiment with your go-kart, you should be 100% sure. 

Otherwise, there can be serious safety hazards. If there is no accident, at least a lot of your money will be wasted. 

Now it’s time to say goodbye. All the best!

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