Tire preparation is an important aspect of track racing that may significantly affect your performance. When tires are prepared properly, they provide increased traction and grip on the track. We understand if you’re looking for ways to do the same.

So, it brings us to the question, how to make homemade tire prep for dirt track racing?

To make the homemade tire prep, first figure out the number of coatings. Then, place your vehicle on a stand and scuff the tires. After that, simply apply the tire prep formula. FInally, let the formula set in.  It’s important to maintain the tire pressure since it affects the tire prep.

This article comes with all the ins and outs that you need to know. So do not go anywhere.

Let’s dive in!

Mastering Tire Prep for Dirt Track Racing: 7 Simple Steps!

homemade dirt track tire prep
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Always remember that tire prepping is always a good practice but tire doping is absolutely illegal. Here’s a step-by-step guideline for your tire prep for dirt track racing:

Step 1: Figure out how many coatings you need.

The first step in getting your vehicle tires ready for a race is to plan ahead. You will have to decide how many layers you want to put on your tires. You can figure this out if you know what kind of track you’re on and how your tires are doing right now. 

The less a track bites, the more tire prep mix you need to use. This means that it’s normal to use a little more than usual on a low bite track. 

Step 2: Place Your Vehicle on a Stand

You must readily access all four tires and keep them off the ground during the operation. So put your vehicle on a stand. You may use a vehicle stand or any other non-tire-contact stand. Always use a stand.

Make sure you can move all four tires of your vehicle on the stand. The tire prep formula requires moving all four. To move the tires, grip the wheel or axle.

Do this inside. Tire prep should be done on a vehicle stand in your garage or another indoor place so they may dry naturally and not become damp.

Step 3:  Scuff Your Tires

Scuff Your Tires
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Consider scuffing new vehicle tires. Racing involves tire scuffing. Scuffing your vehicle tires involves brushing a rough substance against them.

Scuff markings produce tire profiles. Unlike vehicle tires, vehicle tires are smooth. Scuffing improves traction, especially at race start. Sandpaper against smooth paper against wood. Sandpaper increases friction, improving grip.

Scuffing tools include belt sanders. Use it by sanding your back tire. The belt sander spins your tires automatically. Moving the sander horizontally covers the whole surface. 

This video shows vehicle tire scuffing:

Scuff just the rear tires. The rear tires of your rear-wheel-drive vehicle provide you the most track traction.

Step 4: Apply The Tire Prep Formula

Check to see if there is any rubber left on the vehicle tires after you scuff them. To clean both of the back tires, use a dry towel. The tire prep mixture can be used on your tires now. You can choose between the PJ1 Track Bite and the Pimp Juice for the best tire prep formulas.

Carefully read the directions on the tire prep bottle. Most of the time, they’ll tell you how much of the formula to use and how to use it. People also love to use a homemade tire softener.

There are three ways to put the tire formula on. You can brush, roll, or spray. Choose what makes you feel best. With a brush, you can treat the tire evenly without leaving a mess. 

Here is a table you can use to determine how much tire prep formula to apply to your vehicle tires.

For Low Bite TracksFor Medium Bite TracksFor High Bite Tracks
4 ounces on Outer Tire4 ounces on Outer Tire2 ounces on Outer Tire
3 ounces on Inner Tire3 ounces on Inner Tire1 ounces on Inner Tire

First of all, the tire on the outside needs more tire prep formula compared to the tire on the inside. The outside tire touches the race track more, especially when turning corners. As the outer tire wears down, more formula and grip will be needed.

As you can see, the more grip you get, the thicker the coating. You can also use half or a third of the amount needed twice or three times rather than all at once.

Step 5: Let the Formula Set

Now that you’ve used the method to get the tires ready, it’s time for the last step. Now you have to let the coating dry. During the drying process, the formula gets into your vehicle tires and the surface area dries.

Drying can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours. It is very important that the tires don’t touch the ground while they dry. So, place your vehicle on the stand and park it inside where it will be dry.

And that’s how you can simply prepare your tire for a crazy day of karting. While your tire formula is drying, you can go for a fun experience at K1 Speed!

How Tire Pressure Affects Tire Prep For Dirt Track Racing

Tire pressure is a vital component of vehicle tire prep. The appropriate tire pressure changes based on things like the track surface, the temperature, and the tires being used. When tires are cold, the suggested pressure range is between 8 and 15 psi. 

The right rear tire usually has a higher tire pressure compared to the left rear tire. The exact tire pressure to use depends on how the driver drives. This can show if they will heat up faster than others. Increasing the air pressure can help raise the temperature in the tires, which should range between 110 and 130 degrees all the way across the tire. 

Some drivers have gone high-tech with how they manage their tire pressures. They use bleeder valve stems on their tires to set the valves at 12 pounds before the race and as the pressure builds up during the race. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do you make tires softer for racing on dirt?

Putting kerosene on the tires is the best way to soften them. Take some clothes that have been soaked in fuel and put them over the tires. It’s best to do it two or three days prior to the race. Now, put foil around the tires and don’t take it off until the day of the race.

What works well instead of tire lube?

A mix of Ivory dish soap and water that has been softened can be used instead of tire lube. This mixture has a slight lubricant effect that makes it easier to put on and take off tires. Just mix the soap and water in the right amounts, and you’ll have a good tire lube replacement.

Why would you put Coke on your tires?

Pouring a can of one of these soft drinks on your tires is a great way to get rid of the dirt and grime that builds up on them. Phosphoric acid is the secret component in Coke that makes it a great way to clean. It dissolves tough dirt, rust, dust, and other leftovers in a gentle way.

End Note

That’s all for today. Hopefully now you’ll be able to conduct homemade tire prep for dirt track racing all by yourself! Just follow our detailed guidelines and you’re good to go. Be very careful while applying the prep formula.

We’ll be back again with more bangers. TIll then, Happy vehicleing!

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