The name shifter kart came from its gear-shifting ability, six-speed manual transmission, and racing clutch. This transmission system helps shifter karts reach the top speed in a hurry. So how fast are shifter karts?

Depending on the engine and the track, sifter karts can quickly go up to 140 mph. Several engine and racing classes determine the top speed of shifter karts. The maximum speed also varies depending on whether you are racing on a circuit or a sprint track. Overall, shifter karts are the fastest and are used for racing purposes only.

Are Shifter Karts Faster?

If we compare regular karts with shifter karts, then yes, shifter karts are way quicker than standard karts in various go-karting venues. If we look deeper, there are several reasons why shifter karts are so much faster.

First, karts are usually single-transmission vehicles, and there is little speed control. However, shifter karts typically feature a six-speed transmission system, allowing the driver to have manual control over the speed. This transmission also helps to increase or decrease the speed swiftly.

After that, there is a much better braking system in shifter karts. So, the speed doesn’t pose much of a challenge when stopping the kart. Lastly, shifter karts are made for racing purposes and come with faster acceleration, unlike regular karts.

This improved acceleration also helps shifter karts to take full advantage of the faster speed even in a shorter distance. All these features combined make shifter karts faster than conventional karts.


125 CC shifter Speed

125cc shifter karts are among today’s most popular and common categories in the kart racing scenario. These karts are inexpensive, have moderate power and decent control, and are better suited for beginners. There are several engine variants in the 125cc kart category. You’ll get both air- and water-cooled engines in the 125cc class.

If you are a junior or even an adult driver just starting, 125cc karts are an excellent opportunity to get familiar with the mechanics. So, how fast do shifter karts go, a 125cc one? As far as the top speed goes, the engine isn’t enough to decide the speed. Depending on other components, a 125cc kart can quickly generate a top speed between 60 to 80 mph.

How Fast are 150CC Shifter Karts

150cc shifter karts are not as common as other categories we are used to seeing. 150cc shifter karts fall under the intermediate category and are primarily used by intermediate drivers who have mastered the junior karting class.

As the difference isn’t much in terms of engine power between 125cc and 150cc, their top speed is also pretty similar. If we look at the top speed of 150cc karts, their top speed range between 100 mph to 80 to 100 mph. Of course, other components also play a massive role in deciding the top speed.

How Fast are 250CC Shifter Karts

The 250cc category is the highest standard in karting racing scenarios. That’s why 250cc shifter karts are also mentioned as super karts too. If you want to compete in the highest level of kart racing, 250cc is the category you should aim for. 250cc karts are the fastest and the most advanced machines in the karting racing scenario. This particular category even has multiple championships going on all over the world.

These 250cc engines are two-stroke and capable of generating 75kw (100 hp) with the total weight of the kart and drive. So, how fast does a shifter kart go, a 250cc one? Well, the top speed is monstrous, as expected. These shifter karts have an astonishing top speed of 155 mph. The acceleration is top-notch, reaching 60 mph at top speed within three seconds.

Is Shifter Kart better for Racing?

Whether a shifter kart is better for racing is a dilemma every kart driver has to go through at some point. So, let’s discuss some points that prove shifter karts are better suited for professional racing and step up your game.

Initially, sifter karts were more powerful and faster. So, it can be challenging to control entry-level kart drives with an adrenaline-pumping experience. However, as you get the grip, you’ll understand the benefits of shifter karts for racing.

Firstly, the transmission system is an upper hand that allows a better and more controlled speed transformation. Next, shifter karts feature a much improved 4-wheel braking, unlike the conventional rear-wheel brake. So, it is much easier to control the speed once you master this braking system.

Lastly, raw power is the most significant advantage of shifter karts. This power isn’t easy to handle, especially when you can get a speed over 50 mph quickly within a few seconds. These features make shifter karts better for racing purposes.

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That’s a wrap for today. I hope my article will help you understand how fast are shifter karts. These karts have better speed and power, but that shouldn’t be a concern as a superior acceleration and braking system back up this speed.

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