Go-karting is an automobile sport that anyone can enjoy regardless of their age. But before you get behind the wheel, there are a lot of things you need to learn. When seasoned go-kart drivers turn into a tight corner, they make it look easy.

However, so many hidden details go there to make the perfect turn. So, do you want to know how to make a go-kart turn better and make it listen to you? Let me show you how.

How to make a go-kart turn better

Now that you know all the problems regarding steering and turning a go-kart, it’s time to solve them. Below I have shared some tips on how to make go-kart turn better.

  • Making necessary adjustments to your go-kart can help you a lot. These adjustments include changing tires, tire pressure, and increasing riding height.
  • Getting the weight distribution right is the key. Often the balance and weight distribution are the main culprits. If the weight distribution is off, that can result in a different grip on each tire, altering turning performance.
  • Have you ever considered that turning your go-kart properly only requires keeping your hands steady? Don’t panic about someone crossing you or running out of time; turn the steering wheel gently and consistently.
  • Have you ever wondered how to make a go-kart turn sharper Using the entire track width will help you turn and turn sharper. Some painting usually defines tracks, and you can use them as much as you want. Just stay close to the edge on entry and exit.
  • Often turning involves perfectly timed braking too. If that’s the case for you, you need to practice just when to press the brakes. You can try identifying some landmarks on and off the track to help you with that.
  • Turning a go-kart can be physically demanding as there is nothing to help you turn the steering wheel but your hand. So, keep both hands on the wheel, and when the time comes, make sure you don’t waste a second. You’ll undoubtedly feel it much easier for a kart to turn.

Why are go-karts so hard to steer?

Why are go-karts so hard to steer

As you’re here, there is a chance that you have been giving go-karts tries and found it hard to steer. Well, you are not here alone, as I first saw the go-kart hard to drive. Over time, it’ll be easier for you. But before you know how to make steering easier on a go-kart, there are several reasons you might find it hard to steer.

  • Navigating the turns

Steering your go-kart is not the hard part. You have to move the steering wheel, and the go-kart will go in that direction. However, the hard part here is navigating that steering. The challenge appears when you try to steer without compromising the least speed.

There are several ways of navigating your steering in go-karting, and deciding which one will be the best choice according to your expertise and speed makes a go-kart hard to steer.

  • Unfamiliarity with go-karts

This is another reason many newcomers will agree upon. A go-kart is an open-wheeled vehicle with a shallow center of gravity. Additionally, it lacks quite a few automated control you are used to with your day-to-day used car or any other vehicle.

When you are steering a go-kart for the first few times, you must decide to maintain control within a split second. As a result, a go-kart might seem challenging for you to steer.

  • Unadjusted steering sensitivity

Are you familiar with camera or weapon sensitivity while playing video games? It indicates the pointer speed as you move your mouse or controller. The steering sensitivity works the same in go-karting.

You might be familiar with driving a more or less sensitive go-kart or vehicle, and when you get the opposite, you’ll find it hard to get used to that sensitivity and steer.

What are the main problems that associate with go-kart turning?

What are the main problems that associate with go-kart turning

Just knowing how to drive your go-kart is not the end. Before you know how to make a go kart turn better you’ll have to know all about turning too to make any difference for your safety or in a competitive race. Below I have discussed some common problems that are associated with go-kart turning.

  • Using old tires

You can quickly fix this problem if you are just willing to. It’s not hard to determine when you have to change your go-kart tires. Tires provide the necessary grip, and when the treads are worn off, it’s not hard to imagine why the go-kart won’t turn quickly. Besides, it’s safety you are gambling too.

  • Wrong camber angle

This problem is a bit advanced to understand for regular go-kart drivers. But as you go deep in go-karting, you’ll eventually get to know about it at some point. Initially, drivers find it difficult to fix the right camber angle. If the camber is not on point, the go-kart will lose speed and grip while turning.

  • Turning early

Only the beginners here will recognize this problem. As a new driver, you might fear losing your lead at the corner or turning too early. The problem with early turning is that it’ll result in cutting the corner, risking hitting another go-kart or the curb.

  • Constant attention

This is not a problem, but it might feel like one if you are into complete racing with extended hours. Go-karts are pretty fast with high acceleration. So, whenever you make a turn, you’ll need every ounce of attention to complete the turn. In all fairness, it can be challenging for someone new always to pay full attention as a beginner.


How do I get more grip on my go-kart?

Getting more grip allows you to make turns with as much as possible. There are some external and internal adjustments you can try. Firstly, it’s needless to say how important it is to get the best quality tires and avoid worn ones if you are looking for their grip.

Next, you can try increasing the ride height at the back. Lastly, use as much pressure as possible on the tires without composing the maneuverability to get a better grip.

How can I make my go-kart steer better?

Apart from the evident skills, you can adjust the go-karts to improve the steer. For starters, you can check the camber of the kart. While the ideal camber is ½ negative, changing according to the track condition can help to steer better.

Next, you can make the rear ride higher to prevent drifting. Lastly, you need to stop using higher tire pressure to get more grip; sometimes, sitting can make the steering harder.

How to Avoid Go-Kart Drifting?

One thing that can help you avoid go-kart drifting is to familiarize yourself with the track. This way, you’ll get to know the turns better so that you don’t end up crashing into the walls. Also, ten drivers mistake steering the wheel aggressively or mistreating the counter steer. Avoiding these cations can also help you prevent drifting go-karts.


Among various aspects of driving a go-kart, a crucial one is getting the turns right. Especially if you are into competitive go-karting, chances are that your skill of turning the go-kart might decide the outcome of the race.

Now that you know how to make a go-kart turn better this can be useful for you to reduce your lap time and therefore help winning races. As for the technique and tips, they might take some time and effort to master. But once you get there, you can consistently leave your opponents in the rearview mirror.


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