Manco go-kart models can be identified by identifying their unique visual features and comparing them to images of known Manco models. Send your go-kart’s VIN to the American Landmaster to get assistance in identifying its model.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Manco go-kart can be identified by comparing it to the images of known Manco go-kart models.
  2. You can use the VIN to identify the model of the Manco go-kart.
  3. The ownership of the intellectual properties of Manco now belongs to the American Landmaster.

How to Do Manco Go-Kart Model Identification?

Manco Go-Kart Identification

You can identify a Manco go-kart model by its visual appearance or by its VIN.

Visual Identification:

Simply look at your go-kart’s visual features and compare them with Manco go-karts to identify its model. There are features that you should look at when identifying Manco go-karts such as

  1. The number of seats
  2. Seat design
  3. Number and orientation of lights
  4. The shape of the frame
  5. The size of the wheels
  6. The number of wheels
  7. The presence of roll bars
  8. The height of the go-kart
  9. The length and width of the go-kart
  10. Color of the go-kart

Then follow these easy steps to visually identify your Manco go-kart:

  1. Note down the features of the Manco go-kart you are trying to identify. 
  2. Then look at the pictures of different Manco go-kart models on the official BMI go-kart site
  3. Find the Manco go-kart that is identical to your go-kart based on the features that you previously noted.
  4. Note down the name of the go-kart model that is similar to your go-kart. You will find the name underneath the picture of the model on the website.
  5. Your Manco go-kart has now been successfully identified based on its visual features.

Using The VIN:

You can also use the Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN, to identify the model of your Manco go-kart. 

Follow these steps to determine the VIN of your vehicle and use that VIN to identify the model of your Manco go-kart:

01. Identify the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Location: 

The VIN number of your go-kart can be found on the front section of the frame. Whether your go-kart accommodates a single rider or more, the VIN is positioned on the front part of the frame. That is on either the passenger or driver’s side. The same goes if you want to identify your Carter go-karts too.  

The VIN can also be referred to as the “serial number”. The VIN is written in black on a white label on the floor pan much like identifying a go-kart chassis.

02. Spot the 17-Digit Code: 

Look for a 17-character combination of letters and numbers that is printed horizontally on the frame. This unique alphanumeric sequence serves as the go-kart’s individual VIN, providing specific identification for that particular vehicle.

03. Call the official American Landmaster call center: 

Make a call to the American Landmaster and give them the obtained VIN to determine the model of the Manco go-kart. It’s because the original Manco go-kart company went bankrupt in the 2000s and their property was purchased by American Landmaster. So, it is possible that Landmaster may be able to identify your go-kart model based on the VIN.

Your Manco go-kart model is now successfully identified.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are Manco go-karts still in business?

No, Manco go-karts is currently not in business. Manco Products underwent a bankruptcy filing in the early 2000s. Afterward, they re-emerged under the name Manco Powersports. However, their journey took another turn as they eventually ceased operations. A portion of Manco Powersports’ intellectual assets was acquired by American Sportworks, a company that has since transformed into American Landmaster.

What is the fastest go-kart ever?

The Daymak C5 Blast is the fastest go-kart ever. It boasts remarkable acceleration and top speed as its defining features. Its performance is unparalleled, surpassing even supercars and superbikes, accomplishing the 0-60 mph sprint in an astonishing 1.5 seconds.

How risky is go-karting?

Go-karting is not very risky if you are careful. By adhering to safety guidelines, you can usually prevent common injuries associated with go-karting. Among the frequently encountered injuries during go-karting are whiplash, burns, bruises, and sprains. The positive aspect is that these injuries can often be sidestepped by maintaining vigilance and adhering to the regulations set by the track.


Now you know all there is to know about the techniques for Manco go-kart model identification. Manco used to make some great quality go-karts. I hope reading this article helped you easily identify the model of your Manco go-kart.

That is all for today. Goodbye and good luck with your Manco go-kart!

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